About Us

Two Sisters Spangles is a family owned and operated small business in Yoakum, Texas.

After being in the education field for a number of years, we’ve taken the plunge to expand an existing embroidery business with spangles.  I can’t imagine having a better job; if you can even call it that.  I get to work with my mom (who recently retired from the State) and my sister everyday!  How many people can say that?

So what exactly is Two Sisters Spangles?  Spangles are a new technology of bling.  Similar to a sequin, spangles do not have the donut hole center thus resulting in a solid circle.  The designs are light weight compared to a rhinestone motif and have exceptional light reflectivity.  The effect is outstanding in sunlight, under stadium or stage lights!  Our process allows for custom art designs suited to your specification.

Have you heard of Yoakum, Texas? Yoakum is a small town, about 2 hours drive from Corpus Christi, San Antonio or Houston.  It’s literally a one stop light town! But if you find that one stop light you can find Two Sisters Spangles~!

Chances are if you’ve heard of Yoakum, you already know more about my sister and I than I need to share in this “about us” page. But that’s just how it is in a small town.

If you are in the market for something new to support your favorite team/player, local benefit, or special occasions,  I can assure you we have something unique to suit your needs. If we don’t, we can make! Let us know your dreams so we can make it happen!