How Can Spangles Work for You?

Spangles are a great alternative to rhinestone motifs.  They are highly light reflective and product tremendous eye catching sparkle under a wide variety of lighting both indoor and outdoor.  They are a much better choice when compared to a sequin because they are flat and have no circular hole trough the center.  They are applied via a heat press (shipped to you on 40 cm transfer paper) and are only ever so slightly raised above the surface of your material (ex. t-shirt).  These transfer designs can be applied to so many different products.  We have accessorized the obvious: backpacks, tees, blankets, towels, hoodies, and tanks, but what about the not so obvious?  Spangles are great on hair bows (they add no extra weight), they look awesome on caps and even add extra flare to purses!  The possibility are only limited by your imagination.

What custom spangle design can we create to work for you?